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What would you like to know — Who I am? Why I built this website?

For the former, I can give you this: I almost wrote a book about mermaids and mermen when I was 8 years old. I had a character sketch for him on the back of a note card and everything. He fought sea monsters and joined a ragtag team of merbrethren to save the deep sea.

I say “almost” because I never finished the book. My sensitive 8-year-old ego couldn’t handle other people making fun of me (though I’ll admit — it was pretty easy to do so back then).

As I grew older, I tucked away my desire to write into a submarine and watched it sink to the bottom of my adolescence, a few teenage identity crises and all the other demands of hustle culture for young adults. But my freshman year of college, that submarine re-emerged, and I pulled from it a still warm writing pen. And I wrote. I wrote plays and short stories and essays. I entertained calling myself a writer. I even landed a writing residency at Iowa Lakeside Laboratory, and I decided I could be a Writer over just a writer.

In short, I got serious. I committed to the fraught, arduous love affair that comes with writing. I forced myself to write more, to paddle away from the self-doubt that crushed me 14 years ago and create stories I could be proud of. Now I’m studying science journalism at NYU and making a career out of writing. Creation always needs a hub, and so this website was born.

It’s still a work in progress, of course. I’m updating it as I go, but I appreciate you stopping by and strolling through my work. I’ve curated this gallery for your viewing pleasure and as a commitment to keep creating. Feedback is always appreciated.

Thanks for reading!